Expertise on balance creates opportunities


Are you curious to find out about House4balance's upcoming year? Last Friday the board members got together for a brainstorm and decided to take this as our focus:

We will work on lasting change with a finite goal - because...
"Expertise on balance creates opportunities" - like...

  • decreasing misdiagnosis
  • a faster trajectory to an appropriate treatment
  • increasing the rates of cured patients
  • reducing the socio-economic cost & creating a win-win for everyone! 

How will we get there?

We'll keep working to get the foundation right. We'll mold insight into a workable tool, distributing it internationally, striving for updates and connecting the knowledge gained at the top with day-to-day practices by further training. Therefore we're putting these priorities forward in our organisation:

  • Working out a medical protocol by engaging a multidisciplinary team (Belgian Workgroup Vestibular Disorders) that supports doctors for education, training and consultation purposes.
  • Bringing the petition f.a.o. WHO, Barany Society & Embalance to a successful end.
  • Barany2020: a conference where we will act as an ambassador for patients' voices and will offer a ready-made across-the-board protocol as a blueprint for adoption worldwide. We will also urge there for a systematic follow-up of the protocol and continued further training, because science is also continuously evolving.
  • Setting up educational workshops/events in Belgium.
  • Updating our website and existing publications in multiple languages.
  • Acquiring funding for our projects.
  • On social media less is more, but we go about it with devotion: with planning, insistence, and in your language. Social media requires a lot of dedication for a momentary effect, while other and more productive avenues are neglected. To advance towards proper progress we shift our action in part to our website and to the field. Our doodly videos are very educational and pleasant but also fit the description 'lots of labour for a fleeting result'. So we're putting that on hold for now until our funding enables us to pick them up again, on top of our three top priorities and the rest of this list.

Is this music to your ears? 
Are you with us?

Why don't you take a look at our website? We are still working on it and are rolling out our plans. So what you find on this website is a thing in progress. But perhaps you already get the picture and want to become a supporting member?

"Expertise on balance creates opportunities!"

Enough said. Time for real action.

Support our mission and share it with the world!