A loyal pet by your side - World Animal Day


Are you dizzy? Could you perhaps benefit from support from a loyal animal?

For the chronically dizzy who find themselves in a wheelchair, an animal might even be of more use then merely for comfort. 

Have you considered an assistance dog?

An interesting option

Dyasis is a Belgian organisation in Watermaal-Bosvoorde that trains dogs for people with motor impairment. The organisation - it's just one of many - does not restrict candidates in terms of their physical disabilities

So dizzies: this is a possible avenue for you!

Dog with added value

Jan Heremans of Dyadis: "Disabilities can differ in nature and they vary a lot within our group of candidates. Everybody can enquire about getting an assistance dog. The main issue for our organisation is the physical added value that one of our dogs can bring to a candidate. Apart from being a great psychological help, our dogs are mainly trained to increase the candidate's autonomy by assisting him/her physically. Therefore the candidate must have a minimal practical use for the assistance dog to be considered. 

Free of charge

Once the request is deemed satisfactory by a selection panel, which also addresses some additional factors, like 

  • home environment
  • network that the candidate can count on for help
  • financial capacity to look after the dog... 

 a candidate can be appointed a dog from our organisation free of charge. 


Requesting is free

At badf.be, the Belgian Federation of assistance dog schools, you find all the - Belgian - organisations certified by the government.

Get informed about the options!

For patients from other countries: 

Inquire about the possibilities in your home country. 

Your House4balance president,