4 Ladies - 4 Stories.

    Tania, Iris, Donia and Josiane.

Together we're the brains behind this international non profit organisation. All four of us got a taste - ranging from brief to more long term symptoms - of 'being dizzy' and everything that entails. We listen to your needs. We sense each opportunity. 

We understand the importance of inclusive scientific communication. 
We emphasize shared responsibility. 

Whether young or old, sick or healthy: 
House4Balance wants everyone to be involved in the story, for everyone's gain.

Tania Stadsbader

Founding President

I am a mom of three and was struggling with severe vertigo attacks since I was 23. Only after 14 years of being ill and getting misdiagnosed with Meniere's disease, did doctors discover the correct diagnosis: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). One year later, in 2008, I underwent a canal plugging surgery of my right balance organ. The rest is history.

A lot of followers have come to know me by my books Dizzy Me and Wobbly Wilma. I was cured 10 years ago, though I've had, after a procedure, a brief spell of Vestibular Paroxysmia (VP) in 2015. Luckily I recovered quickly.

With House4Balance, together with the other board members, 

I want to strive for change in patient care, information distribution, clear guidelines for doctors, multidisciplinary cooperation and debate, school education... 


Iris Verraest

Founding Vice-President

Sixteen years ago I woke up feeling dizzy. My balance system was out of order. Vestibular Neuritis. Ever since, noise makes me dizzy. It took 6 months of shopping for a doctor, before one told me that I had tinnitus and hyperacusis as well. 

Tania was working on Dizzy Me's first edition when she contacted me to have my story included in her book. The history of my life with auditory disorders had just been published in Vitaya Magazine. 

We met live for the first time at a book fair in 2010. Since then, not only have I become an ambassador for Dizzy me, but most importantly I formed a new friendship

I engaged myself in this project because everyone has the right to a correct diagnosis and treatment.  


Donia Cocozza

Founding Board Member

Three years ago I started having vertigo attacks, I got misdiagnosed with Meniere's and therefore I received incorrect treatment that did not help me.
That's when I came across Tania and her book. 

Thanks to the SO STONED method, consultants found that I did not suffer from Meniere's Disease, but from Vestibular Migraine. The typical symptoms? Vertigo, headaches, nausea, vomiting, hypersensitivity to light and sound, spots and flashes in my vision.
This got the ball rolling. Literally and metaphorically, because ball sports helped me manage my vertigo episodes. 

After years of looking for a cure, I know the importance of up-to-date knowledge and a correct patient approach. I want to fight for this, together with House4Balance. I enthusiastically take part in this pursuit. 


Josiane Massagé

Founding Board Member

Eleven years ago I had a brain haemorrhage. After the surgery I experienced dizziness, which went into spontaneous remission after a while. I count myself lucky for that.

For some patients though, dizziness is like being lost in a maze without an exit.
House4balance shows you where to start. Getting diagnosed correctly is of great importance. Looking more efficiently saves time.

As Tania's aunt I'm intimately familiar with her story. After years of persevering, I am convinced we are going to get beautiful things done with this board of members and House4Balance..
This is my motivation to join and support them on the way. 



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