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Can you name all senses?
You see with your eyes. You hear with your ears and smelling is what your nose does. You have a tongue for taste. Feeling is what your fingers and your skin do. But which body part gives you your sense balance? You need this for everything you do, you can tell when it stops working. But it is hardly mentioned in school. Balance is the foundation to everything. 

Get involved in the basics through play. 

With Wobbly Wilma teaching young and old.

  • Do you know someone who struggles with balance? Wobbly Wilma tells you all about a healthy balance system and being a patient in her little book. Because more insight helps you cope with dizziness in the family or circle of friends.
    >> To the book (only possible if we find Funding for translation)
  • Does your class want to get immersed in the wonderful world of balance? Wobbly Wilma finally puts balance on the map. Learn, play and surprise yourself, like Wim, the teacher on the photo, with cool facts about the forgotten sense. Very relevant for the 5th and 6th grade.

    >> Invite Wobbly Wilma into your classroom. (only possible after Funding)

"I am very impressed. Kids are very eager to learn if you talk to them in the right way. That is exactly the principle that this book uses. A fun read for adults as well. Outstanding as a tool for the classroom too. Beautifully illustrated!"

Verony Hermans -  teacher & patient

"Wobbly Wilma and prof. Stable Stan serve up incredibly fun facts on balance. I had no idea that a little twisty organ in your ears had this huge impact! In a playful manner the author and illustrator explain the complex medical mechanisms with great clarity. I savoured the stories about astronauts, zebras, Spider-Man and Van Gogh. I would like to test all of the experiments too. This book is not only nice for kids but also for moms, dads, grandmas, granddads, teachers and aspiring or grown up scientists. Also for people like me, who are just curious."

Hilde Vissers, radio voice & guide for children

"Wobbly Wilma demonstrates the role of balance in everyday life with a beautiful narrative for young and old. Our means of maintaining balance seem obvious, but are anything but. Behind the scenes the brain processes input from the balance organs which in turn allows the eyes to react to quick head movements within 10 milliseconds. Problems in this system can lead to dizziness, difficulty walking upright, nausea etc. This story encourages awareness of the role of balance and the implications of balance problems in patients."

Vincent Van Rompaey - ENT

"Complex matter made accessible for the wider public. Even illness is approached playfully. Wobbly Wilma is a hit."

Mark Van Bogaert - writer


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