HOUSE4BALANCE decided to end its activities because of a lack of support.
Our website will stay online until the end of 2022.

House4Balance's home turf is Belgium. But we are an international non profit organisation. We are currently awaiting our official license, after which our registration, bank account, email and donation function, will become active.

Shortly, you can read this website in 7 languages (select at the bottom). We're working on it!

Registration Nr   SOON I Bank account  SOON



House4balance Brikstraat 14a
 1541 Herne I Belgium


On collaborations

Our organisation wants to cooperate on these themes with other groups and organisations. We also invite you to become a supporting or honorary member. As an honorary member you can delegate the appointed board member for our annual General Meeting.

We will always communicate transparently about any sponsorship we receive through collaborations or sponsorship from private companies. 

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